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Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

Updated: May 17, 2023

Have you thought about how you'd like to spend the hours leading up to the big moment?

Planning a wedding is full of details designed for your guests, but planning the moment in which you prepare for the wedding is only for you, so in our opinion it is a "must". We leave you 6 important questions you should answer when planning your “getting ready” moment.

Miami wedding video
The bridal party having a blast before they get ready

Question #1: Why?

Before you start planning, take a moment to think about why this planning is important. It will be a special moment for you so it’s very important to take YOUR needs into account. Planning your “getting ready” hours will help you to be on time and will get you closer to having the wedding you have dreamed of. Avoiding the stress that can pop on your wedding day can be achieved by planning all the details ahead of time.

Question #2: What?

Sure, much of your pre-ceremony prep time will be spent on your makeup, hair, and dress, but perhaps you can make some extra time for a brief spa moment with your bridesmaids? A toast with mimosas? Any pics in robes? And then, when you're ready, a "first look" for the bridesmaids, or for your dad? How to hang out depends on your style. We have seen all kinds of activities: writing a letter to the groom, praying, playing games, giving gifts, dancing, drinking, resting or spending as much time as possible taking many, many photos. You’re even allowed to spend some alone time and meditate.

Daniela + Miguel Angel's wedding teaser film in Mexico.

Daniela chose to have a “first look” with her bridesmaids and it went amazing!

Question #3: Who?

Think carefully about who can bring you joy at the time of your prep and especially who could bring the opposite... Be honest with yourself, with your family and with your friends when telling them that you want them there with you or not. No one should be offended. There are brides who couldn't imagine themselves without their mom helping them get dressed, and there are others who get more stressed by this. Imagine who you would love to have there with you. The important thing is to spend those moments before the ceremony full of happiness and peacefulness. Remember, having some alone time is totally allowed! And when it's time to get dressed, you can lean on your team (planner, photographer, videographer) to find the people you want there to help you (and also get rid of the ones you'd rather not be there).

Fefi + Steven's wedding highlights film in Miami.

Fefi couldn't imagine herself getting ready without the company of her cute, cute niece (also flower girl) with her.

Question #4: Where?

There are so many wedding expenses that you might think the best place to prepare before the wedding could be your own bachelorette apartment. You will spend little and you will be comfortable, yes, but you must take into account that you will begin to fill the place up with a bunch of people including make-up artists, stylists, photographers, videographers, family members and bridesmaids! Better choose a spacious, comfortable and well-lit place. Think that perhaps you will want to take some photos, do a first look with your bridesmaids or with your dad or simply have a nice time that relaxes you for the big moment. Choosing the right place is the first step. Many venues have designated spaces for this, but if that is not the case, we suggest looking for a place close to the ceremony so that transportation or traffic do not distress you.

Valentina + Jose's wedding teaser film in Miami

The Trump National Doral Miami offers a perfect room for the bridal party to get ready.

Question #5: When?

It is very important that you make a timeline. You can lean on your planner if you hired one or ask your photo and video team for suggestions. Have your hair and makeup done early to be calm and beautiful during all your prep, and before going to the ceremony you can touch up a bit. In your timeline consider the hair and makeup time of the people who are going to accompany you, time for all the activities you want to do (toasts, letters, gifts, etc.), especially time for your "first look" with bridesmaids or family if you are going to do it, and time for all the photos. Keep in mind that being in a hurry will not be ideal.

Nusha + Carlos's wedding highlights film in Mexico

Nusha chose to get ready and dressed pretty early on her big day and had her "first look" with her bridal party in their pijamas. Afterwards she had plenty of time to enjoy a photo and video session around the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel of Mexico City before her ceremony.

Question #6: How?

Now that you have thought and chosen what you want to do during your preparation, where it will be, who will attend and how long it will take you to prepare for the big day, we leave you some pro tips on how to do it:

  1. Prepare your “getting ready” timeline so everything can be done on time. Consider that each hairstyling and each makeup takes between 30 and 45 minutes and that the bride takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Remember, it's better to get your makeup and hair done early, and do a touch-up before leaving for the ceremony.

  2. Choose in advance the look you want for you and your bridesmaids for the prep time. Robes, comfortable pajamas, custom outfits, or whatever you like best.

  3. Hang your dress and veil up high as soon as the day begins so it airs out and loses wrinkles. Choosing a nice location, with good natural light and a fancy hanger, or better yet a fashion dress form (or sewing mannequin), will save your photographer and videographer time and headaches.

  4. Hire enough stylists for the people you will prepare with, so you can meet the timeline, and make sure the place has enough electrical outlets for the number of hair dryers running at the same time.

  5. Make sure you have enough food for everyone, including your stylists, photographers, videographers, etc.

  6. Do not go overboard with the alcohol. A toast with mimosas or champagne will be more than enough to relax and celebrate.

  7. Keep the place as tidy as possible.

  8. Have a first aid kit and a sewing kit ready. Let nothing catch you off guard.

  9. Practice previously with the person who is going to dress you: how to place the dress, its buttons, closures, etc. You don't want to stress out that day because mom is taking too long buttoning you up!

  10. Delegate everything you need: who is going to take care of your phone? Who is going to meet people at the door? Who can be in charge of order and cleanliness in the room? The fewer responsibilities you absorb, the better and thus, in addition, you will add importance to the people around you (they surely want to help you).

  11. Test your wedding hairstyle and makeup. Choose a date prior to the big day in which you have a special event and take the opportunity to put on your makeup and hair as you will at the wedding. Once you're ready and have approved the look, you can make some adjustments so you don't look the same.

  12. Do not try last-minute cosmetic treatments that you have not used before: teeth whitening, facial masks, self-tanning, makeup, etc.

  13. If you enjoy listening to music, choose in advance songs that cheer you up and relax you, and put together a playlist for your prep.

  14. ENJOY. You are supposed to plan this for your own well-being. Try not to have the opposite effect and overstress. It is the happiest day of your life, so try to be fully present and enjoy it.

Natalia + Alvaro's wedding highlights film in Miami

Natalia rented a fashion dress form to hang her wedding dress.

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