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wedding videography trash the dress behind the scenes

Al Agua Cinema is a team of documentary filmmakers born in 2011. Since then, we've been studying and perfecting the art of wedding filmmaking as a group instead of as an author. This has made us available WORLDWIDE because we believe in the power of collective art and shareable knowledge. Our cinematic wedding videography team is based in Florida, New York, Houston, Mexico City, San Jose, Madrid, Caracas and Bogota, and looking to expand even more, always willing to travel.


We're devoted to our videography because it’s our passion. We wouldn’t know how to live otherwise. Our never ending quest for beauty is motivated by an existential need we don’t know how to explain, but of which we are certain. ​


Our purpose is to capture and show the beauty and transcendence in each story, everything that makes each shared moment something so unique; that is what makes every love story your story and not just any story, each birth a radical new beginning, and each initiation a path never traveled by another.

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