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4 Suncoast EMMY Awards for Al Agua!

This 2021 ended with the most amazing news for us. Two of our documentary shorts were nominated and awarded at the 2021 Suncoast EMMY award gala.

El peor lugar del mundo (The Worst Place on Earth)

In Venezuela there are hundreds and even thousands of childhood cancer patients who are forced to move to Caracas, the capital, in order to obtain medical attention. Many of them make a titanic effort to overcome the difficulties that this implies. One of them is Geremy. Every week, Geremy must travel to Caracas to complete his chemotherapy treatment. Leaving his town has become a nightmare and, perhaps for this reason, he considers Caracas as "The worst place on Earth." However, Geremy does not hate Caracas. He simply despises so much injustice, the heavy and tortuous journey and being in a place that does not belong to him in order to survive.

This documentary short film, written and directed by Priscilla Torres, Jorge Gonzalez an Luis Olavarrieta, received 3 awards for:

Human Interest, Short Form Content

Writer, Short Form Content

Narrator/Commentary, Short Form Content

If you want to make it a little better por kids like Geremy, please donate to Mama Lis Foundation


More than 30% of the Venezuelan children under 5 years old suffer from chronic malnutrition. And this number grows for towns and little villages in the country.

Soledad is a small town in the heart of Venezuela, known as "the place where criminals come to hide". A town full of necessity. However, currently more than 75,000 meals are being delievered per year.

More than 50 Venezuelan NGO´s fight against hunger in the country. Ending childhood hunger in Venezuela is the goal.

This documentary short film, directed by Edwin Corona Ramos and produced by Priscilla Torres received an awards for Societal Concern, Short Form Content.

Watch a glimpse of the exciting announcements from the Suncoast EMMY night!

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