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Al Agua Originals, Our Sexy Business Wing...

Updated: May 17, 2023

Did you know we don't shoot only weddings? Yup, we're constantly creating all sorts of films. Not so long ago we opened AL AGUA ORIGINALS a spin off from our wedding film business dedicated to develop original productions: feature films, series, documentaries, you name it!

We have a very special film we all feel very proud about and is "Nos Llaman Guerreras" (They call us Warriors), a Documentary Feature: In a country torn apart by political and economic upheaval, a team of young women finds refuge in a sport that rises above their personal poverty and gendered social status. But when this new soccer team goes undefeated in all of South America, these women find themselves in the position to win Venezuela's first World Cup and gain a new acceptance and voice in their home country.

We managed to get our baby into more than 30 film festivales around the world! It was a very rewarding experience.

We'll keep working very hard to gather more experiences such as this one.

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