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The "Hora loca" A Colorful Trend

Updated: May 17, 2023

Wedding traditions vary around the world, but the "hora loca" has to be our favorite.

wedding video in Florida

As some of you may know, Al Agua Weddings first started in Venezuela back in 2011. Venezuelans happen to have the most amazing tradition in wedding receptions: The “hora loca”.

When the wedding reception is at its peak it’s time to throw the hora loca or “crazy hour”, which is basically about giving a boost to the frenzy of the dance floor with festive accessories that includes light-up hats, masks, feathers, capes, necklaces, whistles, rattles, confetti and all kinds of carnival props.

This not only encourages all the guests to hit the dance floor, but of course, it gives life, color and light to our cinematography. It's the icing on the cake for our videos. The perfect way to close the chapter of the reception, in style, but "crazy".

Would you dare to have an “hora loca” in your wedding?

This 5 special recommendations will lead you the perfect wedding “hora loca”:

#1 Include lighting accessories

Lights, brightness and flares decorate the dance floor attracting your guests and it will look amazing on both your photos and video.

#2 Avoid lasers

Although lasers are very attractive on a visual level, these lights can damage the cameras of your photography and videography team. The most experienced will simply refuse to cover moments that put their equipment at risk.

#3 Add some sunglasses

Sunglasses, in addition to looking very cool, make people less inhibited and allow them to enjoy the moment even more!

#4 Prepare personalized accessories for the special people at the wedding

The bride and groom are the kings of the wedding and as such they should wear the most spectacular accessories; however, you might want to give special treatment to the maid of honor, the best man, your bridal party and your closest relatives.

miami wedding videography
The groom at the "hora loca"

#5 And to top it all make some confetti fly

You will really feel special when hundreds of papers fly above you on the dance floor, and this way you will end your “hora loca” like a pro.

Miami wedding video
Silver confetti at an "hora loca"

Valentina + Jose's wedding teaser film in Miami

Watch it until the end!

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