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Trash Your Dress! Well... Just Use it Again

Updated: May 17, 2023

Some years ago, a new wedding trend emerged: the trash the dress session... It was supposed to be a post wedding session where the bride got to destroy the dress by either diving into the sea or maybe something more dramatic. Today, we don't need to be that extreme, but a post wedding session is certainly the greatest idea ever and here's why:

1) You get to enjoy your wedding day without worrying too much about the couple's photos... You'll get plenty of time afterwards in your post wedding session.

2) Every wedding tends to look alike, the timelines are very similar and there is not much time for adding originality to your wedding film. In a post wedding session there are no limits. You get to do whatever you want while wearing your wedding gown again! This can add personality to your wedding memories and also art.

3) On your wedding day all eyes are on you. This can be intimidating... Don't you want some privacy for your photoshoot with your new spouse??? We bet you do. Having several cameras on you might not be something you're used to, but this is what will remain with you forever from the wedding! Everything else will just end and fade after the last dance, so it's definitely worth it.

4) It doesn't matter if you're shy. We've dealt with shy brides and really shy grooms, and we can say they both feel more confident in this kind of session. Maybe at first it can feel weird, but we've developed ways to make the couple comfortable and actually enjoy their session.

5) You get to choose an amazing place! Is it a street? a park? a mountain? An abandoned train? An out this world landscape? Another country? We've done them all... We can help you think of the perfect place, although we think it is important that you choose something you identify with as a couple. Let us show you some examples:

Sedona Rocky Mountains in Arizona

Abandoned old cablecar station in Galipan, Venezuela

Striking streets of Valparaiso, Chile

A cool modern building in Miami, Florida

A mix of old and modern in the streets of Barcelona, Spain

A Puerto Escondido dreamy beach in Oaxaca, Mexico

Want to see more? Here's a mix of several amazing trash the dress post wedding sessions we've shot. Hope you enjoy it!

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