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How To Get a Perfect Wedding Video

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

7 Tips for getting the most amazing Wedding Video

New York wedding cinematography
Brooklyn Wedding, New York City

Tip #1: Brief your videographers

Communication is key in every relationship. Being clear with your vendors about everything you want and expect is very important. An experienced videographer most likely will give you some sort of form or ask questions about your special day and the things you specifically want to capture (and the things you don't), meaning people, situations, moments, surprises, details, pets! If you leave the little things to common sense it's possible "some" will be missed, so take your time to properly brief your photographer and your videographer. For example, quite often we're asked to "delete" certain people from our edits. We would have been much more careful in our shooting if we knew this in advance.

Also, ask your planner (please have a planner) to forward a copy of your event's timeline (please have a timeline) so the team will know the right time to take a break and no moment will take them by surprise. We wouldn't want to miss the fireworks, right?

Watch the teaser video of Carla + Daniel's catholic wedding in Venezuela filmed in at the Tibisay Hotel of Maracaibo with a romantic trash the dress session in the forgotten ruins of a classical construction.

Tip #2: Hire sound professionals for your ceremony and speeches. Audio is crucial!

Videographers always need to carry sound recording equipment, but it's hard to put a microphone on a bride, for example. If you hire proper sound technicians for your ceremony, not only will your video be awesome, but your guests will also have the best experience. Ask your sound vendor to keep in mind you want your sound to be recorded. We've come across some sound technicians that won't let us record the sound coming out of their consoles. The same happens at some churches that have their own sound installed.

Watch the highlights video of Nataly + Elan's jewish wedding in Miami filmed at the Sagamore Hotel and the former Versace Mansion for their trash the dress session.

Tip #3: Words, don't come easy, but they are definitely worth it

Specially if you won't exchange your own vows, you should really think about adding some "feelings" through WORDS to your video. The bride and groom could exchange letters, a phone call, a voicenote? And if you guys are too shy, maybe ask someone close to you to share a speech. A mom? a dad? the maid of honor? A sharp video editor will know how to keep your video balanced between romantic and fun avoiding making it cheesy.

Watch Fer + Pablo's outdoors wedding in Mexico filmed in the woods of Valle de Bravo.

Tip #4: Mind your Light

Yes, sunset weddings are magical, but if the ceremony takes a little too much time and you didn't hire lights there could be chaos. Also, your first dance shouldn't be "purple lit" and getting dressed would be great near a big window during the day. Great light gives the prefect cinematic look to any film. Get ready during the day in a nice place with enough natural light. Think about the light in your ceremony. If it is a night ceremony ask the decorator not to put colored lights on you. Ask your DJ to properly light your first dance. Ask your decorator to light the bride and groom's table if you'll be in it during the speeches. Smart videographers will always carry their own lights, but the video will look so much better if they don't need to use it.

Watch the teaser video of Tanya + Andres's wedding in Miami filmed at the Ice Palace Film Studios.

Tip #5: Hire a trash the dress session

We have a whole post on why you must definitely do this here 👉 link.

Just knowing you have a post wedding session hired will let you relax and forget the cameras on your wedding reception. This will add originality, romance, fun and art to your wedding video while letting you enjoy your wedding day not worrying too much about the couple's session.

Watch the teaser video of Maya + Jaques's destination wedding in St. Barth

Tip #6: Hire a professional wedding filmmaker

93% of couples who don’t get a professional wedding video regret it. Most likely you'll spend a lot of money on your wedding, but you should never wonder if a wedding video is worth it. It is! After your wedding is over you'll have your video to always remember the best day of your life. Some of our clients use it for couple's therapy and some for their social networks on their anniversaries, but the most beautiful use we've seen is to have it as an invitation to your wedding for your kids when they grow old enough to watch it.

Watch this awful cute little compilation we made of kids reacting to their parent's wedding videos

Avoid hiring friends or family and hire professionals with proved experience. Someone that you think you can trust. Even if your friend shoots high end music videos for a living, the wedding filmmaking's know-how is VERY particular and hard to learn. Also, ask for a contract and READ IT. We're always being asked to re edit someone else's footage, because the couple hired the wrong person. Last, but not least beware of "low prices".

Check our pricing here

Tip #7: Enjoy your day

A stressed bride or groom stresses everyone else too. If you hire a great planner and follow tip #1 (communication) there should be nothing to worry about. And even if there is, just be cool let it flow. This will let you have the best day of your life just like you always dreamed, and of course this will reflect on your wedding film. Every videographer is grateful of the couples who like to show their happiness, their love for each other and their great mood. Let yourselves enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.

Watch the teaser video of Maria Claudia + Reinaldo's catholic wedding in Miami filmed at the Coral Gables Country Club and Calle 8 for their trash the dress session.

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